Clients Saying Nice Things

Tim has a great technique. He starts chatting to you as he sets up and just as you begin to relax and laugh at one of his (many!) jokes the camera goes off. He sets his equipment up in a way that means he doesn’t constantly look at you through a lens, but rather uses a portable remote to take the shots, so he can chat and look at you like in a normal conversation. I’ve had loads of great compliments on my profile picture and people who have known me for years loved how it captured my energy and style.
— Natal Dank (Southern Blue Consulting)
I’ve had pictures taken by Tim three times now (social media, outdoor and at a public event). Every time a pleasant experience resulting in beautiful pictures. During the shoots Tim always helps me to relax and he gives tips on my posture and facial expression which improves pictures tremendously. He seems very knowledgeable on the technical part and a perfectionist about getting the lighting right. I definitely recommend Tim if you’re looking to have important pictures taken.
— Dick Severius (Maakeenpraatje)
I like working with Tim. He is stress-proof and makes people feel at ease, look their best and seems to make everybody giggle the right amount. He gets the job done in the (often small) amount of time that’s given and can make it all work under the given circumstances.
— Tessa van der Meiden (NewForeSight)
Though I don’t like having photos of myself taken, Tim made me feel very comfortable during our photo shoot so that smiling came naturally. I’ve received many compliments on my photo from social media contacts and followers and, most importantly, I’m very happy with the photo myself.
— Ana da Silva
I first was introduced in 2012 to Tim Goodwin through a friend who knew his work. Since then we have done many photo projects together, both business and personal. Tim’s knowledge of the camera, lighting and his ability to put people at ease is impressive. His versatility in working with moving or still objects is evident. Tim has photographed me for social media, printed marketing material as well as food photography and more. Personal shots using a variety of lighting techniques produced better results than I’ve had with other photographers. He is also mobile with his photography gear, making it very convenient. He is both professional and relaxed and a pleasure to work with so I would highly recommend him.
— Joyce Bergsma (EatLiveLoveFood)
Tim is the most friendly and co-operative photographer that I know of. He makes brilliant pictures in a creative and very diverse way. Over the past few years he made photos of me in several settings: while performing with the vocal group Angels in a theater, business portrait and group photos, photographed me nude, took romantic shots of me being pregnant and photographed our baby later on. All photo’s are very professional, clear and show the best of me. Furthermore: after the photoshoot Tim takes no more than 1 or 2 days to deliver the shots so you can decide which one you like best. So, I would definitely recommend Tim to anybody who wants to get professional results while also having a pleasant time!
— Jacqueline Klopper (Mediation Groep Holland)