What is The Xpozer Print Service?

Xpozer is an easy and economical way to put beautiful, high-quality, 'frameless' prints on your wall. Until now, canvas has been one of the cheapest methods but gives the photo a normally undesirable cloth texture. Xpozer has changed all that. Xpozer prints are on special photographic, plastic foil and are satin-matt, so your photos are sharp and without reflections. Xpozer's simple, strong but light-weight, tension mounting system suspends the photo about an inch from the wall. Even large prints can hung with the supplied light-weight, hanging bracket or from a cord. No big holes in the wall and no distracting glass reflections! The video shows how easy it is to unpack and hang your Xpozer prints.

In the Box

  • 1 x Xpozer tension, mounting system (2 x side-profiles + 1 x middle-profile)
  • 1 x photo print + mounting corners attached
  • 1 x hanging bracket with plug + small screw
  • 1 x clips for hanging from cord

'Photo only' options, just include the photo print with attached mounting corners.

Delivery is up to 4 working days (though typically 2). Prices below include BTW but are plus 4.95 euro delivery within NL. Note, delivery cost is per order, regardless of size or number of prints. Details of other delivery options here

Formaat 3:2 (DSLR) Photo + framePhoto only
60 x 40 cm TOP 5 MOST POPULAR€45€32
75 x 50cm€55€39
90 x 60cm TOP 5 MOST POPULAR€75€49
120 x 80cm€99€65
135 x 90cm€125€79
Formaat 4:3 (Compact and Smartphone Camera)Photo + framePhoto only
60 x 45 cm€48€34
80 x 60cm TOP 5 MOST POPULAR€69€45
100 x 75cm€89€59
120 x 90cm€109€75
Formaat 1:1 (Square)Photo + framePhoto only
40 x 40 cm€35€24
45 x 45cm€39€25
50 x 50cm€45€29
60 x 60 cm€65€45
75 x 75cm€75€49
80 x 80cm€85€55
90 x 90cm€99€65
Formaat 2:1 (Panorama) Photo + framePhoto only
80 x 40 cm€59€35
90 x 45cm€65€39
100 x 50cm€75€45
120 x 60 cm€95€65
150 x 75cm€119€79
180 x 90cm€149€99
Formaat 3:1 (Panorama) Photo + framePhoto only
120 x 40 cm TOP 5 MOST POPULAR€69€42
135 x 45cm€85€55
150 x 50cm€99€65
180 x 60 cm TOP 5 MOST POPULAR€119€79
Formaat 4:1 (Panorama) Photo + framePhoto only
160 x 40 cm€89€59
180 x 45cm€99€65
200 x 50cm€109€69
Formaat 5:1 (Panorama) Photo + framePhoto only
200 x 40 cm€99€69

Delivery Times

Up to 4 working days in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Up to 9 working days to other EU countries.

Delivery Costs

Netherlands and Belgium - 4.95 euro
Germany, France & Luxemborg - 9.95 euro
United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland - 19.95 euro
Spain, Norway, Italy, Greece and Poland - 29.95 euro

Delivery costs incl. BTW and are per order regardless of size.