Ideal for personal or corporate portraits for use on social media such as LinkedIn, resumes/CVs, personal or corporate promotion such as websites and company reports.

  • 1.5 hour session (+ 30 mins per additional person)
  • 100+ images shot during session
  • 10+ unretouched social media-ready images delivered per person
  • 1 retouched high-resolution final image per person

1 person:  99 euros ( 82 excl tax)
2 people: 89 euros per person ( 74 excl tax)
3 people: 79 euros per person ( 65 excl tax)
4 people or more: 69 euros per person (57 excl tax)


For People - ideal for adult portraits (including couple, family, pregnancy), kid or portraits of small pet.

For Business - ideal for single or group portraits, limited product or food shots.

  • 2 hour session
  • 1 outfit
  • 1 lighting setup
  • 100+ images shot during session
  • 10+ images good delivered unretouched
  • 3+ final images retouched in high-resolution

250 euro (207 euro excl tax)



For People - ideal for multiple adult portraits (including couple, family, pregnancy), kid portraits, animal portraits including larger animals like horses.

For Business - ideal for single or group portraits, business activity, promotional material, food shots.

  • 5 hour session
  • Multiple outfit (people) or styling (food) changes
  • Multiple lighting setups
  • Multiple locations
  • 200+ images shot during session
  • 30+ good images unretouched
  • 10+ final images retouched in high-resolution
  • Basic creative brief - desired mood and lighting

450 euro (372 euro excl tax)


For People - ideal for collections, such as cars.

For Business - ideal for multiple product shots and extended business activities.

  • 10 hour session (day)
  • Multiple outfit (people) or styling (food) changes
  • Multiple lighting setups
  • Multiple locations
  • 300+ images shot during session
  • 50+ good images delivered unretouched
  • 20+ final images retouched in high-resolution
  • Full creative brief - desired location, outfit, lighting, mood

1000 euro (826 euro excl tax)

About the Sessions

In general, most types of images can be achieved with the SHORT, HALF DAY or WHOLE DAY sessions. The HEADSHOT session is intended to deliver a high-quality portrait quickly and economically but with limited flexibility.

Basically, the longer the session, the more locations, outfits and lighting setups that can be explored. More people can be accommodated, more aspects of business activity and of course results in a greater number of delivered images. Each package is therefore more naturally suited to a particular set of needs but the suggestions given are only examples for guidance.

All shoots are done on location – your place of work, home, other location of interest or (weather permitting) outside. Plenty of time is allowed for you, your employees or colleagues in the case of business projects or your partner, friends, family or pet to relax and get comfortable in front of the camera. We will discuss the general objectives of the session before the shoot and there is always room for adjustments on the day. The photos are reviewed as the session progresses to help us home in on shots that really work for you or your business.

A selection of final high-resolution retouched images as well as unretouched images will be made available for secure online viewing and download within 24 hours of the appointment.

Prices are inclusive for the Amsterdam area. Outside of Amsterdam prices are plus travel expenses.