Tim 'relaxing' in front of the camera

Tim 'relaxing' in front of the camera

Don't worry...

Tim hates to have his photo taken too.  So he understands how uncomfortable and apprehensive it can make people feel.  To put you at ease, and maybe even get you to enjoy the experience, Tim Goodwin photography is customised to suit your needs, rather than following a set creative brief.

Tim plans extensively before the shoot to ensure capturing the right image is quick and easy on the day.  Tim will travel to you and shoot at the location of your choice.  No matter what the size or length of the project, Tim listens to the look or mood you want to portray, and seeks to find the photo that truly represents you, your business or the things you love.

Coming from a consultancy background, Tim uses his project management skills to deliver on time and to your budget.  His postproduction work is effective and efficient, and the final images will be available for download within 24 hours.

The end product is a ready collection of bespoke imagery at affordable prices.


  • Clear affordable pricing options, so you know what you are getting
  • Shoots at your location - more convenient for you and a more personalised result
  • Services available For People or For Business
  • Friendly, reliable, efficient service, including timely delivery of the final images
  • Versatile - adults, kids, animals, food, business activity, products and cars/possessions