Often a photo that looks good in a large size works poorly as a profile picture on LinkedIn or a company website. The Profile Headshot is punchier and can be done in very little time, hence the nickname, ‘Lunchtime Quickie’. Discount possible for 2 or more people.


Important though this is, you want to get the task done with as little effort and disturbance to day-to-day business as possible. I work quickly, but concentrate on making people feel comfortable, to produce professional, relaxed and natural looking portraits of you and your team.


My clients are from a wide variety of commercial areas including, private education, healthcare, human resources consultancy, environmental sustainability, dance & movement. Through close communication with my clients I can establish what is the essence of their business that they want to convey.


I find food and product photography often requires a more methodical approach and I will use my technical knowledge of photography to create a solution that heightens the flavour in your food. My clients include food manufacturers, restaurants, cafes and cooking schools.