Tim started out in the world of engineering but got tired of people asking advice on how to fix their washing machine, when in fact Tim designed industrial robots. He then spent a number of years as an IT consultant. During this time Tim acquired a camera and an initial interest grew into a passion. The leap came when Tim purchased his first digital camera which enabled him to hone his skills over a period of nearly a decade to realise his dream of becoming a professional photographer.

Tim used to shoot in a studio but now prefers to shoot on location and all his gear is portable. He uses what David Bailey famously referred to as ‘available light’, which can be natural daylight, flash, candles, street lighting or a mixture. He likes the problem solving nature of photography and the multi-faceted nature of the medium from trivial or mundane to thrilling or life changing (or life-saving).

Tim and his work have been influenced by many photographers including James Nachtwey, Tim Walker, August Sander, Eugen Atget, Philip-Lorca DiCocia, Mike Disfarmer, Lee Miller, William Eggleston, Robert Frank, Nan Goldin, Andre Kertesz, Joel Meyerowitz and Sally Mann.

It’s one thing to be creatively inspired, but in a commercial environment it's important to also work in a mutually respectful way, taking into consideration a client's objectives and ensure timely delivery. Tim draws on his project background to make sure this happens.

His relaxed and reassuring manner help people and animals feel comfortable in front of the camera and recognising that, unless your are an actor, model, celebrity or other public figure, having your photo taken is a very confrontational thing and it is perfectly normal to feel strange about it.

Tim lives in Brighton where he wishes he could have a pet dog.